Our Progress Update

"The refurbished room was lovely; bed and linens wonderful."

We promised to keep you in the loop on our renovation news...Crews are working through the construction punch list on the rooms this month, and yes - that includes shelves in the shower for your shampoo. There's new landscaping at the Treetops Lodge, along with new irrigation, and new grass. There's also a shiny new curb to compliment the new entrance ramps.


"Room update in the Lodge much appreciated."

Next up...exterior painting for both buildings, hallways, and lobbies. We were excited to show you a mock-up of the exterior paint, but the photo came out pretty bad, in the shadows, and overexposed. If you could use your imagination, the colors are both fresh and natural.

"Our room in the Inn was beautiful."

The Lodge Lobby and hallways are in for a treat. Here's a mood board with some of the colors and materials.


The team is finishing up plans for the lobby bar, gift shop, and a whole new front desk experience. Stay tuned for more...