Things are moving right along with all the exciting changes and updates. Both the Treetops Lodge and the Treetops Inn will have a fresh new look the next time you see them, including exterior trim, balconies and doors. The new look offers a pop of color while maintaining a natural look, fitting into the landscape nicely.

"The stay was great! I can't wait to see it after the renovations."

The front of the Lodge is nearly complete, with just a bit of trim left to cover and an anticipated completion date of November 1st. We are on a 2-week countdown to a complete Lodge lobby overhaul, including a gift shop, lobby bar with food service, and even an ice cream parlor.

"The renovated rooms in the Inn are awesome."

The team is currently putting a new fireplace in the Inn lobby, a new arcade room, new wall covering, fixtures, furnishings, and carpet. The Inn hallways are also in the works and coming right along with fresh paint, trim, lighting, room numbers, and carpeting to follow next month.

"The Improvements to the rooms were great!"

Treetops Exterior Lodge
Treetops Inn Lobby
Treetops Inn Lobby-Demo