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Become life-long lovers of skiing and snowboarding with Terrain Based Learning.

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Elevating the first-timer ski and
snowboard experience.

Terrain Based Learning is a revolutionary method for instructing beginner ski and snowboard enthusiasts, Treetops is the first resort in Michigan to feature this revolutionary program, and we are excited to bring it to the slopes.

The Program:

  • 1 Leverage purpose-built snow features to facilitate the development of essential movements.
  • 2 Defines required skills essential for a successful skiing or snowboarding experience.
  • 3 Eliminates the traditional apprehensions and anxieties associated with learning to ski or snowboard.
  • 4 Emphasizes the sheer enjoyment of the process.

By harnessing the natural terrain of our resort to control speed and support your learning journey, Terrain Based Learning enables you to focus on the thrill of the sport without fear or intimidation. Simultaneously, our instructors are equipped with a comprehensive set of tools and a meticulously designed process to enhance their teaching.

The process is simple: begin your adventure at Station 1 and proceed through the lesson at your own pace. As you gain proficiency, you naturally advance to the subsequent station. Learning to ski or snowboard has never been this enjoyable or accessible. Experience the joy of mastering these winter sports with Terrain Based Learning!

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Your first steps on the snow begin with Terrain Based Learning.

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Treetops and Head/Tyrolia have teamed up to offer the best equipment for your shredding pleasure. Our fleet consists of the award-winning Rossignol Experience skis and Terrain Junior skis.

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