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Let’s start by getting the COVID-19 subject out of the way.

If you “ride by the rules,” snowboarding is one activity that the virus cannot take away. The rules are simple: face masks + hand washing + distancing.

If you’ve been thinking about trying to learn to snowboard, this winter is the perfect time to do it. Snowboarding is a great way to spend time outside, get some fresh air and exercise, and learn a fun new skill.

I recommend renting equipment in the beginning. There is usually a budget-friendly package offered for lessons, rentals, and lift tickets. Using rentals will save you money until you are sure about an equipment purchase. The rental equipment will be sized to your specific height and weight to help you have a good experience. Rest assured that our rental equipment is fully sanitized between uses.

You should always wear a helmet; they are even fashionable these days! Padded shorts are another good idea if you’re concerned about landing on your butt! And you could always purchase Rollerblade wrist guards if you’re concerned about your wrists. Dress in warm layers in case you get too warm and then need to cool off.

How Long Does It Take to Learn to Snowboard?

The best way to learn to snowboard is to start with lessons. I am not talking about taking a lesson from your buddy. That usually involves him taking you to the top of the hill and saying, “Now watch what I do and follow me.” This is the start of a very frustrating day!

The lessons I’m referencing are conducted by qualified Treetops snowboard school instructors who are genuinely concerned about your success. And in 2-5 good lessons, you should be able to feel real results and maneuver your way around several runs at Treetops. And with the new magic carpet, getting up the hill has never been easier!

Learn How to Snowboard for Beginners

Before you go to the hill, you can get a head start on a few things. First, you will need to know if you’re regular or goofy-footed. This just means whether you lead with your left-foot forward (regular) or right-foot forward (goofy).

Here are a few simple tests to help determine which you are:

  1. If you were to ride a skateboard, which foot would you put in the front and which foot would you push with?
  2. If you were to run and slide across the floor, which foot is forward?
  3. If someone pushed you from behind, which foot do you step with first?

If your left foot is forward on at least two of these scenarios, odds are you’re regular-footed. If your right foot is forward on at least two of these, odds are you are goofy-footed.

Practice your snowboard position. A good snowboard position is just like a good athletic ready position: feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent, hips back slightly, and chest up. This will help you progress in your lesson.

Your snowboard instructor will talk about putting pressure on your heel edge and toe edge. These are simply the edges of the snowboard that run under your toes and heels. To get ready for this subject, get in your snowboard position at home and rock your weight onto the ball/toes of your feet (toe pressure) and back to your heels (heel pressure). These are the movements you will need to know when you learn about stopping and turning.

As for intermediate and advanced snowboarders, there are also lessons available for you. If you feel a little stagnant with your riding and maybe it just seems like you need a refresher, you will pick up some very good pointers in an advanced lesson.

Snowboarding Lessons Near Me

You’re now ready to book your lesson. But there’s one last thing you will need: a great attitude! You’ll get more out of your instructor and yourself with this key ingredient.

Contact us to schedule your Treetops snowboard school lesson today!

Thanks for reading - we will see you out on the slopes!

JP Perry

USASA Certified Snowboard Coach

Head Coach - Team RipTurn Snowboard Racing