The indoor golf simulator screen at Treetops Resort with bags of golf clubs, ready to play.

Interest in the great game of golf has surged in 2020, due in part to the game’s ability to socially distance. But your golf season doesn’t have to come to an end just because there might be snow on the ground. At Treetops, we have a state-of-the-art Foresight Indoor Golf Simulator that allows you to continue playing all winter.

Heading south for the winter, and wish to keep your golf muscles tuned up? Want to improve particular areas of your golf game this off-season? If yes, we welcome you to Treetops, where our indoor golf facility has COVID safety protocols in place.

Indoor Golf Games at Treetops

Whether you want to try a session or join a winter league, Treetops Resort offers a variety of indoor golf activities to meet all indoor golf game needs:

  • Indoor Golf Simulator Sessions

    There are many famous golf courses to choose from on the simulator, such as the Olympic Club, Congressional, Merion, Hazeltine National, Cog Hill, Doral Blue Monster, and many more. There’s also a “practice range” feature to help you work on your consistency, distance, or accuracy.

  • Family Golf Experience

    Families can reserve the Indoor Golf Simulator for a small, immediate family function or gathering. More families than ever are participating in the great game of golf. It’s a great way to bond as a family and to have a common interest. And golf is truly a game for all ages, so it does not exclude anyone. Children do not often walk in their parents’ footsteps in life, but through the game of golf, children will now walk in their parents’ footsteps on their way to the first tee!

  • Indoor Golf Leagues

    Play a series of ten different golf courses on the simulator from mid-November until mid-April while competing against other two-person teams. Teams can select their own schedule and, to comply with social distancing, only one twosome will play at a time. If you’re searching for an indoor golf league near me, please visit the Indoor Golf League page for more information.

  • Indoor Junior Golf Instruction

    Juniors receive instruction from a PGA Teaching Professional who will assist in building a golf swing that’s tailor-made for them and designed to last a lifetime. Winter is the best time to make swing changes because you’re not worried about the swing change affecting the next round of golf.

  • Indoor Adult Golf Instruction

    Students of all abilities can improve their golf swings and enjoy the great game of golf assisted by an experienced PGA Golf Teaching Professional. Learn modern, yet simple techniques in a safe and enjoyable environment. Launch monitor technology and V1 golf swing analysis are available for those who would like to capture their golf swings with the most technologically advanced golf swing analyzer available. Learn more about golf lessons at Treetops.

Indoor Golf Near Me

Indoor golf is an enjoyable way to keep your game sharp during the long off-season. Don’t dread the winter forecast—Treetops offers indoor golf leagues and golf instruction in a fun, safe, social environment to help you to stay active in the greatest game in the world.

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