Buying New Golf Clubs

There’s never been a better time to consider buying new golf clubs. Manufacturers are producing golf club shafts, grips, and other components that are incredibly technologically advanced. There’s no question that golf clubs produced today are far superior to equipment that’s more than three or four years old.

Here’s what you should know about today’s golf clubs and whether it’s time to upgrade yours.

Advances in Golf Club Technology

The cycle for purchasing new golf clubs has gotten shorter because new, advanced features are always being released. Manufacturers have made huge strides in the past few years, such as:

  • Golf club heads have faster faces.
  • Golf ball flight and dispersion are much tighter.
  • Golf club heads are more forgiving.
  • Golf club shafts are more consistent.
  • Golf club shaft kick points are higher.
  • Golf grip materials are more user-friendly.

What does all this mean for both novice and advanced golfers? The golf ball will likely fly higher, straighter, and farther with much less effort from the golfer. This doesn’t mean the club can strike the golf ball properly without us, nor will it fix our golf swing flaws, but it does mean that our off-center hits will be more accurate and our on-center hits will go farther.

Since new golf equipment is so superior to older equipment, would it be fair to say that a poor golf shot is the old golf club’s fault? Good question. The experts at Treetops have some fairly realistic estimates based on observations and lessons.

If a golfer uses older clubs, the blame for a poor shot may be divided like this:

  • New golfers – 75% golf swing flaws and 25% golf equipment
  • Experienced golfers – 50% golf swing flaws and 50% golf equipment
  • Advanced golfers – 25% golf swing flaws and 75% golf equipment

How Often Should I Buy New Golf Clubs?

If you’re an avid golfer, you should purchase a new set of golf clubs every four to five years. If you’re an infrequent golfer or you’re getting back into the game after a long hiatus, new clubs aren’t as critical to your game. Certainly, there’s no substitute for practice and professional golf instruction. Golf equipment alone will never guarantee perfect golf shots.

Do I Really Need a Club Fitting Service?

It’s extremely important to be properly fit for golf clubs. It’s not just a question of getting the proper length for your height. There are many equally important variables, including these:

  • What’s your swing speed? (determines flex)
  • What’s the ball speed? (determines distance)
  • What’s the golf ball spin rate? (determines if you need backspin control assistance)
  • What’s your launch angle? Does your golf ball fly too high or too low initially?
  • What are your dispersion and side spin? In what direction does the ball fly consistently?
  • What are your carry distance and overall distance?

Many factors determine the flight of a golf ball. An expert golf club fitter like those at Treetops will understand and measure all variables to select the proper golf club head, lie angle, length, shaft flex, shaft weight, shaft type, grip type, grip size, and all other critical aspects of a properly fit golf club.

Where to Get Fitted for Golf Clubs

At Treetops, of course! The Treetops Golf Academy PGA Professionals are experts in both golf instruction and golf club fitting for Callaway, Ping, and Cobra models. We have many valuable years of experience in fitting the proper golf clubs to every type of golfer, and we use the most current heads and shafts.

The reasonable club fitting cost and 45- to 60-minute fitting session are worth it! Club fitting appointments are available year-round, as we utilize our indoor golf simulator for the fitting process.

Treetops Golf Academy Golf Instruction and Club Fitting Services

To schedule your golf club fitting appointment with one of our pros, call the Jones Pro Shop at (989) 731-8481.