Male golfer teeing off with friend looking on

By Steve Scheuermann
PGA Director of Instruction, Treetops Resort

Do you remember the promises that you made to yourself and your golfing friends at the end of last season? That you were going to play more golf in 2021, and take golf lessons to improve your game?

Well, 2021 is here, and although the golf season has started, there’s still time to get your golf game ready. Along with taking a lesson, one thing you can do is limber up!

How to Stretch for the Golf Swing

The golf swing has many moving parts – arms, wrists, and legs all attempting to stay connected to impact the golf ball successfully. In tandem with proper golf instruction, one of the ways to improve your golf game is to improve flexibility. Stretching exercises really help to keep your “golf” muscles loose, and this will also lengthen your golf swing, which will improve your golf shot distance.

There are three areas every golfer needs to stretch:

1. Back Stretches for Golf

The game of golf is sometimes taxing on a person’s lower back. This is especially true when 1) leg muscles are tight and 2) when a golfer swings the golf club using only their upper body. To alleviate these, try adding a side-step drill to your exercise routine: Step sideways moving from your right foot to your left foot to stretch the inside muscles of your legs. Just like it’s suggested that you lift a heavy object using your legs, the same advice applies to a golf swing.

To loosen up your lower back and prepare it for a round of golf, carefully stretch from side to side. Then, bend forward and reach for your toes. Hold these stretches and repeat until you feel the tightness being relieved.

2. Hip Stretches for Golf

If you have hip mobility issues on the links, try this simple stretch before you tee off: Get down on one knee, with the other foot flat on the floor in front of you. Then ease yourself forward and feel the stretch in the hip and quad that’s resting on the floor. Switch sides, and repeat as necessary.

3. Shoulder Stretches for Golf

Is lack of shoulder mobility holding you back from achieving a powerful swing? Pull one arm across your chest using the opposite hand. Hold for a few seconds and switch sides. For a deeper stretch, try this one before you leave your room for the day: lay on the bed face-down with both of your arms across your chest. Hold for 30 seconds, and then swap arms (the arm that’s above the other will feel the most stretch).

A Word of Caution about Stretching for Golf

Be careful not to overdo any stretching or physical conditioning exercises. The golf swing is a perfect connection between your legs, arms, and wrists. When your legs are tired due to over-activity, they become much slower. This will make the disconnect greater between the other moving parts of the golf swing, which will lead to mis-hits or inconsistent golf shots. For the best way to stretch and warm up before a practice session or a round of golf, ask your golf instructor.

Get Golf-Ready at Treetops Academy

Golf lessons are another effective way to improve your game. There are numerous golf lesson options available at the Treetops Golf Academy. Private golf lessons with one of our experienced PGA Golf Professionals offer an individual, needs-based approach to helping you to learn very quickly. Or perhaps you’re looking for a more intense, yet broad-based teaching itinerary, spread out over one, two, or three days in our Golf Workshops?

Treetops also offers Golf School sessions just for ladies, couples, and families. Our staff even provides indoor golf lessons in the winter!

If you’re unsure what kind of lessons you need – (you just know you could use a hand from an expert) – we‘ll help you design the perfect personalized instruction plan.

Check out our Golf Lessons page to get started!