The Patriot Pro-am is an event on the schedule of the Northern Michigan Chapter of the PGA of America. Proceeds from entry fees benefit the Camp Grayling Family Readiness Group. Professionals from all over northern Michigan compete and bring along 3 amateur players. This year 24 teams took part which was a 75% increase over last year after moving the date from May to August.

The event uses a unique Stableford scoring system giving positive points for birdies and eagles and negative points for bogeys, double bogeys and the dreaded other.  Thus, the highest point total determines our winners.

Professional Results
PlaceGolf ProfessionalScore
1Lee Houtteman8
2Gary Lewandowski6
3Thom Slusher2
4Shaun Bezilla-1
5Chad Boyce-4
6Jason Guss-5
T7Casey Powers-6
T7Mark Hogan-6
T7Mark Hill-6
10Doug Grove-8
11Kevin McKinley-9
12Shane Hollandsworth-10
13Keith Grunch-11
T14Mike Fay-12
T14Kyle Roman-12
T16Jt Aude-13
T16Cris Cavitt-13
T18Jerry Roman-15
T18Joe Charles-15
T18Doug Bell-15
21Paulo Rocha-18
22Brian Davis-19
23Tim Covell-20
24Matt Shalhoup-21

Individual skin winners were Kevin McKinley with eagle on 1, Casey Powers with birdie on 3, Lee Houtteman with birdie on 11 and Shane Hollandsworth with birdie on 14.

Below are the team results…tight race at the top.

PlaceGolf ProfessionalScoreAm 1Am 2Am 3
1Casey Powers33Justin BarnesMalcolm FordyceJames Fordyce
2Kyle Roman31Darren O'BoyleMark GraceTom Loshaw
3Lee Houtteman29Curt FjelstulKyle SchaubNichol Cox
4Shaun Bezilla28Ed BezillaGreg NuoingMike Posenow
T5Kevin McKinley26John McKinleyJohn BissellKent Heiden
T5Keith Grunch26Doug MilliganJason WalshJordan Nystrom
7Mike Fay23Ron MichalsSteve NagelJim Conley
T8Chad Boyce22Josh ReinertKen TesauroBob Looby
T8Mark Hill22Mike SewardDon MappinRandy Richter
10Tim Covell21Tyler CovellTom WinquistRon Nielson
T11Joe Charles19Adam KorsonKyle YoheChad Volant
T11Thom Slusher19Trevor FrankekeJJ KlausDan Timmins
T11Brian Davis19Dave PhillipsJohn GirardtBryan McClain
T11Paulo Rocha19Al WisneJay SlavskySteve Zuccarini
15JT Aude18Chip NicholasTom GouinJD Dreyer
T16Mark Hogan17Aaron BeachTerry NagelkirkShawn Houtz
T16Doug Grove17Ron BensonJames VanDosenJohn Raymond
T16Jason Guss17Alyssa GaudioTrent SchroederYog Willnow
19Gary Lewandowski16Jon LeslieRon SneadCraig Misselhorn
20Matt Shalhoup15Gary BedlionAaron RileyJoe Thompson
21Jerry Roman13Rich LindbergPeg LindbergBill MacCready
T22Cris Cavitt8Ray WieckertMatt McCollGeorge Torreano
T22Shane Hollandsworth8Matt KrillNick ChapinTodd Jarrold
24Doug Bell1Julie BrakoraMelanie RuthefordRick Dewling

Team Skin Winners were

  • Hole 5 – Covell with +10
  • Hole 8 – Davis with +5
  • Hole 9 – Davis with +5
  • Hole 10 – Charles with +7
  • Hole 13 – Boyce with +7
  • Hole 14 – Hollandsworth with +1
  • Hole 16 – Aude with +7
  • Hole 18 – K. Roman with +7

More importantly than the results was the cause.

If anyone would like to send a note of thanks to any of those associated with our opening ceremony, here are the contacts

Our Food and Beverage team who set up the beer tasting with Leinenkuegels and the Brisket Slider with Sysco.

Our ownership representative for allowing us to utilize the beautiful Jones Masterpiece on an otherwise very busy day

Last and certainly not least, our sponsors who make these events possible and provide a large portion of the purse for us and our amateurs.