Manicure & Pedicure

The mani-pedi is a staple of spa life. Can't have those toes out if they're looking like they lost a fight with a woodchipper. Come smooth out those rough palms and get those fingers looking fabulous. Get the scoop on sculpting your hands and feet below:

Spa Pedicure

Start with our massage chairs and soak. Scrub and massage your whole leg up to your knee, shape toe nails and clean up cuticles. Hot towels help penetrate the foot mask into your skin to soften the bottoms of your feet. Pick from our handful of OPI® colors for a polish to finish off your pedicure. (1hr $80)

Student pedicure (6-12 years old) no scrub, hot towels or mask. 30 mins $40

Express Pedicure

This treatment is for someone with less time. No fluff just the buff, taking half the time of the Spa Pedicure. (45min $60)

Spa Gel Manicure

This treatment includes a soak for your fingers, shaping the nails, clean up the cuticles, sugar scrub, hand and arm massage with a paraffin dip, and OPI® polish. (50min $45)

Students (6-12 years old) no sugar scrub or paraffin dip. 25 min $25

Gel Lacquer by OPI®

A dry manicure followed by gel application, dried in a state-of-the-art LED light system to harden nail polish quickly. Ends with a hand and arm massage and a paraffin dip. This treatment is for natural nails and most polishes will last up to 10 days. (60min $40)

Add a soak-off from prior Gel polish for $10

Paraffin Dip Treatment

A hand and arm massage with warm paraffin to moisturize away any dryness. (15min $25)

Sports Pedicure for Men

Spa pedicure without the polish. (50min $75)

The "MAN"icure

Spa Manicure without the polish. (45min $35)

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