Par 3
150 135 130

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Hole Tips

  • Nicknamed “High Five”.
  • Do I even have to mention this one….The shot heard round the world was struck in 2001 by Lee Trevino when he hit his shot over the green and spun it back into the hole to win a cool $1,090,000 in one swing of the club.
  • You won’t know if your shot is a good one until it lands.  A severe slope on the green will make putting difficult if you hit your shot to the wrong level.
  • Club selection is the biggest challenge on this hole as the severe tee to green slope and the pin location can lead to a club selection swing of up to 4 or 5 clubs.
  • If it wasn’t for hole #3, this would be quite possibly the most dramatic hole in northern Michigan…it drops 90 feet from tee to green.

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