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Par 4
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Hole Tips

  • Many players will miss their tee shot a bit to the right and when you do, you’re second shot is blocked out.  This green is an interesting one as the front of the green is several feet higher than the back of the green. Often folks are coaxed into aiming right at a left pin, however, a smarter play is to play the shot to the right of the bunker and let the ball trickle down the hill towards the pin.
  • With the right wind, we’ve seen some big hitters get pretty close to this green off the tee and although to might feel cool if you do so, it can create an awkwardly difficult second shot.
  • Front pins may seem easier but getting your ball to stay level takes a good shot with some spin on it. Spinning downhill, prepare for the putt of your life (read: brutal).

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