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Par 4
363 343 308 295 199

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Hole Tips

  • Following the 18th, be sure you stop by the Headstone of “Divot”.  Divot was Rick Smith’s dog when he walked the land to build this course.  Upon his passing, Rick put a tribute headstone just off the cart path back to the clubhouse.  Legend has it that if you lay the worst ball in your bag next to his headstone, you’ll have good luck in your next round.
  • There’s a ton of room right off the tee so don’t even think about looking left. Balls that hit on the front of the green often come back for revenge off the front. Good luck with this approach.
  • To get the tee ball closer to the green, you’ll need to show the left side who’s the boss with the tree and bunker goading you. Do you think you’re big enough to clear both?
  • Putted balls from above the pin have been known to trickle off the green…don’t let this be you.

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