Fazio Premier

Par 4
362 334 315 307 250

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Hole Tips

  • Fazio’s driveable par 4 on the back 9. Sounds easier than it looks, trust us.
  • You’ll have to channel your inner surgeon for this hole. Precision is everything; too far right, congrats, there’s a forest waiting for you. Not enough right means you’re going through the fairway. Being on the wrong level of this 3-level green means putting nightmares for you.
  • High risk, not so high reward depending on your score. If you’re going to drive the green, you have to commit. Any half-stepping means you’re better off laying up 100-125yds to avoid the bunkers and trees.
  • For funsies, try to putt from the front to a back pin or vice versa. Look, it’s not our idea of fun, but some golfers like it.

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