Fazio Premier

Par 3
195 168 145 133 120

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Hole Tips

  • Here is the only hole with water on the Fazio Premier. The Fazio Oasis if you will.
  • The safest play is to hit it at the left side of the green avoiding the water. There is a slope to guide the ball back onto the green. Funny enough, some golfers take our advice a little too literally and end up in the left trees or on the cart path. Rarely do they come back from that.
  • If you want to be a wuss and play away from the water, don’t expect much. Doing semi-decent on this hole and getting close to the pin means facing the water without drowning the ball.
  • If your ball ends up soaked and you hear faint laughter, that’s not us. It’s the condo dweller lurking on your play.

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