Northern Michigan Golf

Northern Michigan Golf

Weather and Landscape Made for Golf

There is simply nothing like Northern Michigan golf. Our beautiful peninsula has the fifth largest number of golf courses in the United States for a good reason. Michigan seems made for days and months of incredible golf, with wonderful weather and a landscape that makes for spectacular courses.


While hotspots such as California, Arizona, and the Southeast states are known as golf meccas, their unpredictable weather makes them less than ideal for a large part of the year. In spring, summer, and fall, however, Northern Michigan's mild temperatures and changing landscape beckon golfers to the links. In June, the region's average temperature is a golf-perfect 69°, and in July and August, a beautiful 75°. Even on Northern Michigan's hotter days, winds off of our Great Lakes ensure breezy days of Northern Michigan golf.


But weather is only part of the reason the Northern part of the Wolverine State is home to hundreds of Michigan's 852 golf courses. The landscape of Northern Michigan has provided the perfect terrain for golf courses and attracts golf enthusiasts. In fact, some say this part of the state, with its gently rolling hills, numerous river valleys, inland lakes, forests, and miles of shoreline, is the most golf course-friendly landscape in the country, and at Treetops, we couldn't agree more.


Treetops is Quintessential Northern Michigan Golf

If you're looking for the ultimate Northern Michigan Golf experience, we have it for you. Located just outside the small city of Gaylord, Michigan, near the Upper Peninsula, Treetops' 81 holes are situated on spectacular terrain. Our five courses offer constantly-changing and dramatic scenery, contours, and rolling hills as far as you can see. Once you reach the horizon of the property, you'll see why we're called "Treetops:" incredible views overlooking a vast, forested topography.


As points out: "You really can't go wrong at Treetops, and could easily enjoy the best of the area golf without leaving the property." At Treetops, every hole represents the best features of Northern Michigan golf, says the site, with "downhill holes, big, contoured greens and wide fairways." And as points out, Treetops is "truly the Midwest's must play resort" and "arguably the best collection of golf anywhere in the country … Treetops is the name by which all other courses in Michigan are measured."

The Best Courses in Northern Michigan are at Treetops

Skilled golfers and those who welcome a good challenge love Treetops for our five courses:

Robert Trent Jones Sr. Masterpiece: Jones called it his crowning glory. The course is located at the headwaters of the Pigeon River and takes full advantage of natural valleys, ravines, and broad plains. This is Treetops' most challenging course.

Rick Smith Signature: Another championship course, Signature has won many honors and titles, including recognition from Golf Magazine as one of the best courses in the Midwest. "Rick's Signature Course at Treetops is as good as golf gets in this part of America," says Golf Destination Review.

Tom Fazio Premier: Premier is the only course in Michigan designed by famed golf course designer Tom Fazio. Fazio made the most of the rolling terrain by striking the perfect balance between difficulty and forgiveness in this Championship course. When asked to name a signature hole on Premier, Fazio replied, "All of them!"

Rick Smith Tradition: Designed to be a walking championship course, with tee boxes situated not far from each green, Rick Smith's Tradition course evokes the great courses of Ireland with pins, hole signs, and flags all made of wood.

Rick Smith Threetops: Treetops' nine-hole, par-three course is the first course ever designed by Rick Smith, who has gone on to design some of the best in the country. Threetops is widely recognized as the top par-three course in the country.

Stay and Enjoy More of Everything

Treetops is more than just golf. It's a resort with plenty to enjoy off the links as well. Take advantage of our amenities such as restaurants, a lounge with signature cocktails, restaurants, spa, and indoor and outdoor pools. We also offer a range of warm weather activities to enjoy on your Treetops vacation, ranging from beekeeping to kayaking, and so much more.

When you're looking for the best golf - and more - in Northern Michigan, look no further than Treetops Resort.

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