Jones Masterpiece

Par 4
363 343 323 303 287

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Hole Tips

  • Here’s the break we promised. But Trent-Jones did sneak in some difficult putting and a hole sprinkled with bunkers.
  • Testosterone special – get the big stick out and let those guns go off. Either you hit par or kick yourself for skipping arm day.
  • Many will try to drive this green but being 20 – 30 yards short leaves a somewhat awkward shot to a long narrow green that slopes away.  If you know you can’t get home, it may behoove you to lay back to a more comfortable distance.
  • Remember the shower of foreign balls on Hole 7? Don’t be that person, please. But if you must try your luck, left is better than right. If you do hit it that way…make sure you scream four.

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