Jones Masterpiece

Par 4
446 407 384 358 327

Flyover Video

Hole Tips

  • Make sure you head to the right after this hole to get to the 15th or you’ll end up back on the 8th tee…remember all those balls you lost there?
  • Consult the scorecard for an idea of where the fairway drops off. Favor middle-left on your tee ball. Even balls slightly right of the 150-marker will wish they weren’t.
  • Give the driver a spin if you can afford it in a scramble to get to get it close to the green. The long, narrow green leaves a tough target to hit and approaching the back makes it harder to stop your ball from going over the green.
  • This is a final trial of madness when it comes to this course. You’ll be able to catch your breath on the last four holes, we promise.


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