Game Changers – Takeaway

One of the most important aspects to a good solid golf swing is the proper takeaway. Now there is more than one way to take the club back, however there are some important things to take into consideration especially if you are trying to change your ball flight. Most high-handicap golfers tend to hit high shots to the right which causes a lack of distance and an inability to shoot low scores.


Many of these players tend to have either an excessive wrist or forearm rotation during the initial part of the takeaway which can cause an open club face. Like this (Example 1):

What I look for...

What I look for when I work with players is a club face that matches a player's spine angle when the shaft is parallel to the ground during the takeaway. Like this (Example 2):

Correct Takeaway (Example 2)

The Good News

The good news is this is the perfect time of year to practice something like this! Set up a big mirror somewhere in your house and practice taking the club back so that the club face is parallel to your spine at the takeaway position. It may feel like your right forearm (for a right handed player) stays more on top of the left forearm. Do this and you will be one step closer to a solid takeaway position!

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Joe Charles, PGA Treetops Director of Instruction



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