Four Event Planning Tips from the Experts

A meeting space at Treetops Resort with white tablecloths and engaged attendees.

Event planning is an exciting undertaking that can also be overwhelming. But when the end result is a room full of smiling faces, it makes the long hours, lack of sleep, and - sometimes - tears all seem worth it.

You may feel anxious about all the things that need to be done, or you may not even know all the tasks that need to be completed. That can certainly make it hard to choose a starting point! One sure way to get organized and plan a successful event is by following these four tips:

  1. Build an agenda. Establishing an event schedule is the foundation of a successful conference. Having an agenda mapped out with all the big (and little) things that will take place throughout the day(s) will keep you organized and help you better manage your time. This agenda will also help you identify all the speaker booking and planning tasks that must be completed in advance and allow you to build a conference planning checklist for yourself.
  1. Set a budget. By thinking of all possible expenses and setting a budget early in the planning process, you can determine what is and isn't possible from the get-go. Prioritize what's most important: great food and service, a high-tech audio/visual experience, a high-priced keynote, or … whatever. Once you determine what is the most important to attendees, you can allocate your budget and plan accordingly.
  1. Overcommunicate! It takes a team to run a seamless event. Everyone from the speakers and production staff to the front desk agents to housekeeping staff should be looped-in to the event details. By having the event agenda and pertinent contact information available in one central place, it's easier to help people get answers to their questions quickly.
  1. Prepare for unforeseen problems. Even the most seasoned event planners will inevitably experience a few bumps along the way. The trick is to avoid as many obstacles as possible by doing the prep work, bringing that extra bag of supplies, and overstaffing to cover your bases. By taking the time to prepare, you will be set up to handle anything that may come your way to keep the event running smoothly from start to finish.

Why Choose Treetops for Your Event?

When it comes to hosting events at Treetops Resort, in addition to the 10,000 square feet of meeting space, your attendees also have access to on-site activities like golf, skiing, and a full-service spa. Your attendees may also enjoy some of the local attractions like beer and wine tasting at the nearby breweries and wine shops.

And when it comes to lodging at the resort, we offer a variety of guest room types and price ranges for all types and sizes of groups.

How to Plan a Conference at Treetops Resort

Here's where things get easy. Our spectacular events team is eager to help you with all the pre-work that comes with planning an outstanding event. We will be glad to help you choose the venues you need, set menus, and plan activities for your event and attendees.

Ready for more information? Fill out a Meeting RFP today to get started. Our events team will gather all the important details you need and contact you soon. If you would rather speak with someone right away, call us now at (877) 386-9535.