Two PGA Professional Instructors work with three golfers at the Treetops Resort driving range.

Yes, They Are Absolutely Priceless!

By Steve Scheuermann, PGA Director of Instruction

Golf lessons are definitely worth taking. Whether you are playing golf for a social event such as a corporate golf outing or a golf league, joining friends or family members for a regular round of golf, or playing competitively, golf lessons are absolutely priceless, and the proven results can last a lifetime.

Golf Lessons at Treetops Resort

Schedule a golf lesson at the Treetops Golf Academy and you will quickly understand why so many golfers before you had a smile on their faces as wide as a fairway after their golf lesson! The game of golf has grown tremendously in recent years and the demand for golf instruction has reached levels previously unseen. Treetops Golf Academy PGA Professional Instructors had the privilege to teach many hundreds of golfers in 2020 and the demand will surely increase in 2021.

The Treetops Golf Academy offers spectacular golf lesson programs for new golfers who are hoping for a successful introduction to the game of golf. Experienced golfers will also find helpful advice and instruction to improve their game. With almost 100 years of combined golf instruction experience, the Treetops Golf Academy PGA Professionals truly understand how anxious prospective students can be. In only a few moments after beginning the lesson, an extremely relaxed, friendly, and low-pressure learning environment is established. The Treetops Golf Academy philosophy is that indeed, no two golf swings are identical, and there is more than one way to properly hit a golf ball. Yes, there are some very important golf swing fundamentals, however, we do not use a cookie cutter approach. Our instructors are very skilled in adapting to different golf swings and various skill levels and we customize a golf instruction program to match a golfer’s individual goals. The end result is for each golfer to enjoy the great game of golf even more, and to feel confident that their game will continue to improve. Our goal as Golf Instructors is to ensure that each golfer will be able to share wonderful stories about their rounds of golf for many years to come.

How Many Golf Lessons Should I Take?

For an avid golfer who is looking for a cure to a recent golf swing flaw, perhaps only one or two private lessons will be sufficient. For a new golfer or a more frequent golfer who is hoping to develop a golf swing with more consistent results, we recommend a five-lesson series. Regardless of how many golf lessons you take, it is important to find time to practice in between golf lessons. To successfully build or change a golf swing, various fundamental steps must be established. As with most activities, a student must climb the steps to achieve the goals they have established during the first golf lesson.

How Much Are Golf Lessons?

Treetops Golf Academy offers daily clinics for only $10 for a one-hour group session which covers a different topic every day. Private golf lessons vary in price, up to $99 for a one-hour lesson customized to your golf swing needs. Our PGA-sanctioned Get Golf Ready program hosts five one-hour weekly group lessons for a package price of only $99. One-day, two-day, or three-day golf workshops offer a more intense lesson format covering all the most important areas of the golf swing and various golf shot techniques. A One Day Golf Workshop is only $250 and is arranged to match your availability. Three Day Ladies Golf Schools are extremely popular and very well attended. Our golf workshops and golf schools include rounds of golf as well.

Browse all the Treetops golf instruction programs on our Golf Lessons page.

Where Can I Get Golf Lessons?

Treetops Resort is conveniently located in the heart of northern Michigan. In addition to its five award-winning golf courses, it offers one of the most renowned Golf Academies in the Midwest. If you are interested in any of our outstanding golf instruction programs or are wondering which program will help you to best achieve your golf goals, please do not hesitate to email Steve Scheuermann, PGA Director of Instruction.

In the meantime, browse these reviews from previous Treetops Golf Academy students:

We just wanted to send an email letting you know how much we enjoyed the three days of lessons with you last week. Your explanations and the little games you had us playing were fantastic. The games are something we can play and compete with each other often. As you saw, we do get a little competitive with each other. Our rounds of golf saw improvements each time we were out on the course. You definitely have a gift to teach.

Thanks for the golf lesson. I made four birdies in a row on Threetops immediately after our golf lesson!

Just wanted to let you know Georgie was beaming yesterday when he got home from the lesson. He was talking a mile a minute and showing me his new grip. Thanks for working with is great to see him so excited about it.

I met you this past July when I had our ladies golf school session July 12-14. I had so much fun, I am bringing my husband and friends back for Fall golf.

Thanks very much for arranging all the lessons. We had a great time and improved our golf. We hope to be back next year.

It was such a great week and really has helped my game. I am trying to teach my daughter what I learned - think we will just plan to go with her next year too. Thanks again - it really was a great program and really appreciated all of the advice and lessons!