Newly groomed snow on ski piste at ski resort on a sunny winter day for NASTAR racing

See you next year!

For over 50 years, NASTAR has provided a way for skiers at all skill levels to race other enthusiasts across the country. With more than a hundred resorts hosting events, NASTAR racing motivates skiers everywhere to get involved with this exciting and rewarding sport.

When Is NASTAR Racing at Treetops?

2020-2021 Season

Keep Calm and Pray for Snow!

Due to Weather conditions + Snow conditions = NO NASTAR for the time being! When mother nature answers our call we will be ready!


Saturday’s- 1:00 pm.-3:00 p.m.

Please call Skier Services to confirm if NASTAR is open.

Due to weather conditions, snow conditions, and private groups, hours of operation are subject to change without notice.

*Schedule is subject to change


How to Join the NASTAR Ski Series at Treetops

To join the NASTAR racing program at Treetops, register as a racer. Then you can hop onto our NASTAR course and challenge racers of similar age and ability from all over the country.

This program could potentially be your first step in qualifying for the national championship at the end of the season.

What Does NASTAR Racing Cost?

Regardless of your age or skill level, the NASTAR ski series at Treetops is affordable. You can complete two runs for $5 or go for unlimited runs for just $10 with purchase of valid lift ticket or season pass.

Have Questions About NASTAR Racing at Treetops?

For the answers to all your questions about NASTAR racing at Treetops, call Skier Services.