Come witness history! This all day event will feature some of the world's greatest jugglers! Watch them as they attempt to set world records on the slopes of Treetops!

Don't miss the stage show following this fun day of juggling, tricks, racing and skiing at Treetops Halfway Cafe.

7 AM - Skugglers attempting the "Farthest distance skied whilst juggling 3 objects" will meet at the Activities Center and begin their attempt down Jacob's Gnarly. They have to go more than a mile.

10 AM - Other attempts beginning at the top of Birch Run and passing through The Chute and by the Halfway Cafe.

Events will include club passing while skiing, jumping, and skuggling with 4 or more objects.

4:30 PM - We will attempt to assemble the largest gathering of skiing jugglers ever! View from the deck of the Halfway Cafe!